Computerised Wheel Alignment

Your car is pulling to one side? Tyres have smooth wear on edges?

We work on Beissbarth - Germany's finest wheel alignment equipment - Factory Certified.

We offer a full wheel alignment, which measures front and rear wheels and measures them at all angles using state of the art technology:

  1. Complete front wheels tracking
  2. Complete rear wheels tracking
  3. Complete adjustments of camber, caster, trust line, toe in and toe out

Wheel Alignment should be checked whenever new tyres are installed, suspension components installed, when the vehicle has encountered a major road hazard or curb and any time unusual tyre wear patterns appear.

The purpose of these adjustments is to reduce tyre wear and to ensure that vehicle travel is straight and true (without 'pulling' to one side).

Car servicing options

Front Wheel Alignment
just £39

4 Wheel Alignment from
from £60